Taraneh Matloob Haghanikar

Assistant professor of children's literature and storytelling, University of Northern Iowa

Taraneh Matloob is an assistant professor of children’s literature at the University of Northern Iowa. She is a published author with five picture books. Taraneh’s scholarly articles have appeared in Children’s Literature, New Review of Children’s Literature & Librarianship, and also the Journal of Research on Libraries and Young Adults journals. Taraneh holds a master in computer science and a phd in children’s literature. Combining her computer knowledge and skills with her literary interests, she would like to explore how different features of current digital storytelling environments impact the interaction of readers with stories.

My Sessions

Teach Your Children Well

Room XK

K-12 and college educators on how they’ve approached this medium to engage and empower teachers and students. What are the challenges, the results, and the tips and techniques to enable others to support our local schools?

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