Terry R. Schussler

Director, Immersive Technology, Deutsche Telekom

I work within the Immersive and Real-Time Experiences group where I architect and develop innovative immersive (AR/VR) projects integrating spatial computing, haptics, machine learning (AI), robotics, IoT sensor fusion, micro services and 5G low latency edge computing.

As a software innovator my focus has been making software smarter for users while leveraging technology to enable new forms of communication. During the development of over 200 commercial software products reaching over 50 million users on desktop, mobile and tablet devices, I have delivered numerous technology innovations — artificial intelligence in consumer products — multimedia — hybrid online/offline CD-ROMs — interactive multimedia on the internet — real-time character animations — factory to consumer personalized plush toy design — to name a few.

My Sessions

How 5G and Edge Compute Will Enable Pervasive AR Experiences

Room B1

Augmented reality applications allow users to see a view of the physical world merged with virtual objects in real time. However, with the increase in the available content and functions of AR services and applications, service providers and device manufacturers face significant technical challenges to efficiently track the location of a device while the device is moving to provide such augmented reality content.

Inspire Track