Thibault Marion de Proce

Co-founder & Chief Product Officer, Vyking

Thibault Marion de Procé is passionate about AR and the philosophy of technology as humans increasingly exist in new digital realities. He loves building products with fellow entrepreneurs and as Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Vyking, oversees product development and commercialization. Hailing from France, he started his early career in Berlin, Germany at Zalando, launching the e-commerce mobile apps. He then moved to Nokia’s HERE Maps, where he launched the apps globally. You can follow his latest digital musings on Twitter @Thibaultdeproce

My Sessions

How Brands are Championing the AR Media Revolution: face > foot > full-body

Room B1

Over the last 20 years, the internet has marked the biggest shift in media consumption known to man and now, with over 2 billion devices capable of delivering high quality Augmented Reality experiences, we’re witnessing the beginnings of the next media revolution. The merging of computer vision, ad targeting technology and the real world has opened up a new channel for brands to reach and connect with consumers through AR at scale. In this keynote, we look at how brands will use AR to create personalized experiences, drive user engagement and achieve higher ROI.

Inspire Track