Tish Shute

Director AR/VR Corporate Technology Strategy, Huawei

Tish Shute is Director of Technology Planning, AR/VR, in the Corporate Strategy Department of Huawei. Previously Tish worked with Will Wright (Sims, Sim City) to create a new generation of mobile social experiences based on neural nets and innovative approaches to machine learning. At Stupid Fun Club Tish worked with Will on next generation entertainment – smart toys, augmented reality television and games. Tish has taken a leading role in the emergence of augmented and virtual reality into the consumer market. She is co-founder of Augmented Reality.ORG, a global not-for-profit organization dedicated to advancing augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR). She also co-founded Augmented Reality Event (ARE) and Augmented World Expo (AWE) which is now in its ninth year and the world’s largest event focused on AR and VR. Tish is a recognized speaker in the AR and VR industry and sought-after advisor for augmented and virtual reality initiatives. Tish began her career in design and technology doing visual effects for film, television, theme parks and aerospace. Tish’s first company NPlus1 pioneered the use of automation and robotics in film making and entertainment experiences. Tish has an MFA in Combined Media, Hunter College, NY, and an MPhil. (Ph.D. ABD) in Culture and Media from the Dept. of Anthropology, New York University.


Watch Tish Shute talk at AWE USA 2017

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The Age of Light: From an Electronic to a Photonic Society

Room B1

This talk will look at the future of AR/VR and photonics. Can we bring AR/VR superpowers to everyone? How will the shift to spatial, experiential communications transform our ideas of imagination, intelligence, and reality?

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