Tom Chestnut

Sr. Vice President, Global Food Division, NSF International

NSF has over 50 offices and laboratories around the globe where Tom oversees a team of 2,000 public health professionals that are responsible for 180,000 food safety audits on farms, food processing plants, and retail/foodservice operations. In November, 2014 NSF initiated a pilot with Google (one of it’s customers) to explore the use of wearable technology in the food industry. Today, NSF uses the technology for applications around the globe and through a new start-up (EyeSucceed) is bringing the power of AR and wearables to the food industry in a way that will be transformational in preventing the high cost of recalls and food contamination by having the ability to detect and correct human error.


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Remote Collaboration/Documentation in the XR Era

Room B4

Remote collaboration has evolved in a variety of digital forms over the past couple of decades– from early and clunky dedicated phone and video conferencing systems, through to email then online document and web and mobile phone-based conferencing systems. This evolution has given rise to growing virtual workforce era and companies to become more productive, agile, diverse and scalable.

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