Victor Sun

CEO, Shadow Creator Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Shadow Creator’s founder and CEO Victor has more than 10 years’ experience with game development. He was involved in develop and operate the famous game “Happy Farm”, whose numbers of users were over 100 million in college. After graduation, he served as CTO in Game Trees. In 2010, he started a game company Snailcolor. After four years’ hard work, the company grew rapidly to more than 100 staff and a profit of 20 million RMB in 2014. At that moment, Victor created Shadow Creator and fully focused on the development of holographic smart glass. His dream is to create a world-class technology company and changing people’s lives with technology.

My Sessions

Personal Holographic Computer Has Come!

Room GH

In April 2018, Shadow Creator will launch a personal holographic computer called Action One. This product will be equipped with a holographic operating system developed by us, which will let you experience things only happened in science fiction movies. In the speech, Victor Sun will share with you the future human-computer interaction form (in fact, it has already come).

Develop Track