Vinny DaSilva

Vuforia Developer Evangelist, PTC

Vinny DaSilva is a developer Evangelist for the Vuforia Platform and Vinny is passionate about creating AR/VR experiences in Unity. Before joining Vuforia, Vinny was a consultant working with a diverse set of clients in industries such as medical devices, financial services, startup, and many more. In a previous life, Vinny spent over ten years as an engineer working in the life-sciences industry. In his current role, Vinny focuses on helping developers throughout the world create great Augmented Reality experiences.


Watch Vinny DaSilva talk at AWE USA 2017

My Sessions

Deliver Content on More Things with Vuforia Model Targets

Room GH

In this session, we’ll explore real-world applications of Vuforia Model Targets. Model Targets enable content to be accurately placed on objects that have been challenging to recognize using past technologies.

Develop Track