Yohan Baillot

Founder & CEO, ARCortex

Yohan Baillot is a pioneer in a the field of Augmented Reality with 20 years experience in forward looking R&D in this field, mainly with the US Army and Navy and first responders, and more recently deploying this technology with the the emerging commercial and professional AR markets through various consulting appointments. In 2010 he created ARCortex a firm that is helping small and large emerging AR players to get quickly started with AR and build their initial prototype and team and introduced C-TRU to the AWE community, a concept to use eyewear as an AR terminals interfacing with our phones and the upcoming AR cloud. Today Baillot partners with large integrators to serve enterprise clients from prototyping to deploying end to end solutions. He is also involved in connecting the dots and providing architectural and use cases considerations to the future company that will be solving pieces of the AR cloud puzzle.

My Sessions

Roundtable: Open AR Cloud Working Session

Room XK