Yoshihiro Watanabe

Associate Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Yoshihiro Watanabe is an Associate Professor at Tokyo Institute of Technology. He is the leader of the Latent Sense Lab, a research group exploring the possibilities to invoke a new sense of reality based on the advanced technology centering on visual sensing. The key is speed transcending the human capabilities. He believes that the next reality is driven by the technological control of the unseen moment. His group invents a new type of augmented reality based on dynamic projection mapping by fusing the special high-speed vision and projection technologies. Learn more at www.vision.ict.e.titech.ac.jp

My Sessions

The Death of Reality

Room B1

Our “reality” is proving to be incredibly fragile and it is being unravelled at a rapid pace by a number of cultural movements. Tom Emrich links together the trends which are pulling at the corners of “real life”, hypothesizes what we will find behind the curtain, and suggests ways for us to prepare for this big shift. 

Inspire Track